Peru Machu Picchu

Peru Adventure Inca Trail – 7 N / 8 D

In Peru there are many routes that lead to Machu Picchu, but none of them is quite like the Inca Trail. The most famous pathway in the Americas.

After flying from the capital of Peru, Lima, to Cusco, which you explore along with other ancient Inca sites in the Sacred Valley, you begin a four-day odyssey high in the Andes. Crossing forests and thick mists, climbing thousand-year-old stone steps and discovering the sites of ruined Inca fortresses and cities, while enjoying majestic views.

The reward comes with the first, exciting sighting of Machu Picchu from the Inti Punku. This is followed by a tour of the citadel itself. This guided route is a unique experience, which you will treasure forever. Groups vary in size, but are typically made up of about 6-10 travelers.

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Peru paragliders gliding of the cliffs at Miraflores

Peru Cosmopolitan Lima – 2 N / 3 D

Lima is a modern cosmopolitan city steeped in history and a melting pot of cultures. Get to know the capital of Peru’s exquisite gastronomy, the beautiful historic downtown with its squares and old mansions, the Larco Museum, the Miraflores and Barranco districts, the wonderful waterfront promenade and the Pachacamac archaeological complex.

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Peru flock of Amazon parots sitting in a tree

Peru Reserva Amazonica – 3 N / 4 D

Tour the rainforests around Puerto Maldonado using the incredibly exotic Inkaterra Reserva Amazףnica as a base. Discover the endless fauna and flora of the jungles, either by hiking on dirt roads or navigating the magnificent Madre de Dios River. Admire the great biodiversity of the Tambopata National Reserve and observe the Amazonianforests from the tree tops through an amazing network of canopies. Groups vary in size, but are typically made up of about 6-10 travelers.
Canopy Interpretation Center: ‘Walk on air’ over the Amazon jungle with a network of seven 45-meter-high canopy walkways
Tambopata National Reserve: Centered on Lake Sandoval and the Madre de Dios River, this mesmerizing reserve boasts hundreds of avian, butterfly,amphibian, fish, mammal and reptile species
Butterfly House: Visit the only center in Peru dedicated to the conservation of endemic species

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Peru view of Machu Picchu

Peru’s Lights of the Inca Empire – 7 N / 8 D

During your eight days of traveling through Peru, you will discover the most emblematic locations of the empire such as the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco, the ancient capital city of the Incas.

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Peru Cusco Plaza des Armas town square

Peru’s Magical Cusco – 3 N / 4 D

Embark on a voyage of discovery to Peru’s ancient Inca cities. Discover Cusco, the Inca capital, which is now one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the Americas, explore Inca ruins in Cusco and its surroundings, and cap it all off with a mesmerizing visit to the Machu Picchu, the fabled ‘lost city’ of the Incas, which was reclaimed from the jungle just over a century ago. This spellbinding tour combines history and culture with dramatic scenery over four intriguing days. Groups vary in size, but are typically made up of about 6-10 travelers.

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