Indonesia Bali Spiritual Encounter

Bali, in Indonesia is often called the ‘Land of 10,000 Temples.’  What better place can you find for a spiritual encounter? You will find temples everywhere. Every family has a dedicated temple area in their traditional compound. There are small temples and shrines on street corners and in public areas and many larger temples in every town and village. As you move into the countryside, small shrines are dedicated to the rice goddess in every rice field.

At a Glance

Day 1. Arrival / Transfer Ubud / Overnight UbudIndonesia country tourism logo
Day 2. Seven Temple to Enlightenment / Overnight Ubud
Day 3. Yoga Class / Village Walk / Street Food Experience / Overnight Ubud
Day 4. Yoga Class / Culture Introduction / Blessing & Offering / Overnight Ubud
Day 5. Taman Ayun / Candi Kuning / Ulun Danu / Overnight Munduk
Day 6. Market Bazaar / Banjar Hot Spring / Brahma Vihara / Overnight Munduk
Day 7. Sanak Meditanion / “Ibu Jero” Cooking Class / Melukat Water Blessing / Overnight Munduk
Day 8. Departure

Spiritual Encounter

Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter yoga class in Ubud showing people doing yoga In a very real sense, Bali is a land and culture, consciousness and world view steeped in thousands of years of an actively devotional spirituality.  It is this spirituality that focuses the healing energy of Bali into the hearts and souls of those who visit.
This world view has survived and flourished. Even in the face of powerful competing influences such as the spread of Islam in the 12th to 16th centuries. The European colonization of the 19th and 20th centuries and the western scientific materialism of the current era.
Clearly, there is an incredible depth and vitality inherent in the Balinese spirituality and worldview that nourishes and supports the Balinese on many levels.

What will you experience on your Spiritual Encounter?  Certainly, everyone’s experience is different and unique. What people most commonly report, however, is a heart opening, often on a quite profound level.
You may experience a softening of your judgements of self or others, a willingness to forgive and let go. Or a desire to release the baggage and blocks carried forward from the past, even a deeper spiritual connection with the one you love.
We all have areas of our personalities and our lives that we have walled off and separated from love. In the transformational field that is Bali, energies of love and devotion gently seep in through the cracks and crevices filling the space that has been held in separation and disconnection and dissolving the protective walls that are no longer necessary.

Beautiful Bali

Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter view of rice paddyAnother element of what you experience when you arrive in Bali is the tremendous beauty. Like the temples, beauty is everywhere.
You see it in the natural landscapes of mountains and volcanoes, lush rice terraces and jungle, pristine beaches and sunsets over the ocean.
You see it in the irrepressible proliferation of flowers and green leafy vegetation, in the faces of the people, in their smiles and their openness, in the deep honor, respect and love with which they care for their children as well as their elders. It is evident in the richness and outpouring of their culture. Everyone seems to have a special talent or form of artistic expression.
You see it in the splendid architecture of the temples and in the vibrant colors of their traditional costumes and textiles.

On the street, in front of most businesses or in the taxi or bus you ride, you’re very likely to encounter small, daily offerings to the gods and goddesses for good luck, success, safety and protection.
You may also see offerings to placate and ward off the darker energies of chaos and destruction. Religious celebrations and processions are common wherever you go and the Balinese enthusiastically organize their lives around their temple rituals and obligations.

Bali experience

The Bali experience of reality is very different to our own. It’s richer and more complex, encompassing not only the experiential, temporal realm of ordinary life. It also encompasses the unseen but ever-present spiritual dimensions of their ancestors and the gods and goddesses, as well as the underworld of demonic and negative energies. Through their religious observances, daily devotions, prayers and offerings the Balinese focus on keeping these three worlds within their reality in a state of balance.

At this very moment, as you read these words, Bali is calling you. A deep Soul connection has already been made and now is the time to come and immerse yourself in the gentle, loving, heart-opening energies of Bali. Your Bali Spiritual Encounter awaits.


Day 1

Arrival – Transfer Ubud:
* Upon landing at Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport and clearing arrival formalities, you will be greeted by our Airport Representative after Immigration and transferred to your resort at Ubud area by private air-conditioned vehicle.
* After check-in at your hotel you will receive a welcome massage to relax and relieve your body after the long journey.
Meal included: None
Accommodation: Sankara Ubud (Deluxe Room)

Day 2

Seven Temples to Enlightenment:
* Begin today with an exclusive tour through seven heritage temples and monuments that trace the creation of the Balinese Hindu Religion “Hindu Dharma” from the 8th to the 12th century where three religion finally become one.
* The day starts with a short lecture at the private house of Bapak Enong Ismail, curator of the Sukarno Museum and the leading expert on the recently world heritage listed Pakerisan river area and its ancient temples and monuments.
* His simple house sits amongst the rice field on a ridge to the sacred river of Pakerisan, a beautiful place to start the day.
* Enong’s life passion is to give back to the country that he loves and through his work documenting Balinese culture since 1979, he now would like to share his findings to help preserve the temples and monuments you will visit for future generations to enjoy.
* Go back through time as your experienced guides walk you through temples rarely seen by tourists.
* These temples, while perhaps not being the most decorative, have played a significant role in the development of present day Balinese culture, and for those who enjoy history and culture, this is an unforgettable and rare insight.
* In the afternoon you will make your way to an ancient meditation site hidden in the rainforest and carved out of the stone walls, largely untouched since the 10th century.
* Here we will be met by a local priest who will conduct a blessing ceremony for you to wish you luck on your onward journey in life.
* The day ends in a large temple where in the 12th century the leaders of the Buddhist, Hindu Shiva and animist religions met and agreed to form one religion for the people of Bali: Hindu Dharma or Balinese Hinduism.
Meal included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Sankara Ubud (Deluxe Room)

Day 3

Morning Yoga Class – Village Trekking – Bali Street Food Experience:
* Enjoy a morning yoga session by a Balinese yoga instructor in a spacious yoga room overlooking the lush rice fields and palm trees.
* Throughout the ancient art of classical yoga, you will learn techniques to rest your mind, strengthen your body and expand your consciousness using posture, breath work, meditation and relaxation.
* Afterwards join the morning walk through Kumbuh Village and the nearby ricefields.
* Inhale the morning breeze with a scenic view of rice paddies and dozens of coconut trees.
* Experience the local life by interacting with the friendly villagers, observe their daily morning activities and learn about their culture and customs.
* In the afternoon you will meet your local food specialist guide and drive to a traditional Balinese house at the outskirts of Ubud.
* You will be welcomed by a local Brahman and see how coconut oil is produced and used to make ‘Pepes Clengis’, a traditional steamed grated coconut dish with Balinese spices wrapped in Banana leaves.
* Continuing your culinary discovery, you stop at a small local Warung for a popular refreshment called ‘Cendol’, a jelly-like drink consisting of green pieces of Tapioka, mixed with water and coconut milk and sweetened with sugar.
* Next, take a walk around the famous Gianyar Night Market, which any local will tell you has some of the best food in Bali.
* The scene is brilliant, a local food haven on its own with the sound of hundreds of cooking pots, where families gather to eat delicacies such as roast pig, sweet cakes, chicken and coconut balls, fried bananas and tofu.
* Try another Balinese speciality named ‘Bubur Injin’, a fermented black sticky rice cake.
* End the evening at a hidden local bamboo restaurant near Ubud to experience a traditional ‘Megibung’ dining experience, in which people share several meals on a plate or Banana leaf.
* This is an authentic and special style of dining that was historically enjoyed during ceremonies and special occasions.
* The family-style served dishes consist of many rich and exotic Indonesian specialties and – the ideal way to try out the local cuisine.
Meal included: Breakfast, Snacks, and Dinner
Accommodation: Sankara Ubud (Deluxe Room)

Day 4

Morning Yoga – Culture Introduction – Balinese Blessing – Offering Making:
* Start your day with another Yoga class before having your breakfast.
* Afterwards drive to the nearby nearby Mas Village and visit a traditional Balinese compound, where you will be welcomed by the local Brahman Family.
* Your host Ida Bagus Suar Udianya (Gusde) will give you an introduction into the Balinese culture and customs before you will visit his uncle, who is a well-known Priest and Medium, frequently contacted by the locals to ask for advice.
* Participate on a private Astrology Session followed by a Purification Ceremony (Balinese blessing) in one of the oldest private homes in Mas.
* Return to the hotel and take part in a coconut leave offering making class to learn how the traditional offerings are made and prepared day by day in the Balinese Villages.
* The so-called “Canang Sari” are daily Balinese Hindu offerings made to thank the gods in praise and pray.
* You will see these offerings in the temples, on small shrines in houses as well as on the grounds.
* It is basically a ritual of giving back what has been given to you by the Gods. Offering appeases the spirits and brings prosperity and good health to the family.
* It is a duty and an honour at the same time, and in Balinese perspective a very natural and almost logical thing to maintain a good relationship between people and spirits.
Meal included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Sankara Ubud (Deluxe Room)

Day 5

Taman Ayun – Candi Kuning – Ulun Danu – Munduk:
* After check out, your excursion begins with a drive into Central Bali to the small town of Mengwi.
* Long associated with the Balinese Royal Family, Mengwi is home to the superb temple complex at Taman Ayun.
* Translating as ‘beautiful garden’, Taman Ayun is considered by many to be one of the island’s most attractive temples and is still used today by people from all over Bali for special ceremonies and events.
* Drive further north to Bedugul Regency (district), renowned for its stunning beauty and three caldera lakes (Beratan, Buyan and Tamblingan).
* First stop is the market at Candi Kuning. Bali is famous for fresh fruits and exotic spices and there are plenty of seasonal varieties to discover at the market, together with stalls selling beautiful scented flowers used for ceremonies and offerings.
* The iconic Ulun Danu Temple is the next destination.
* This important Hindu Shivaite water temple is located on a small jut of land within the calm waters of Lake Beratan.
* If the water level is high (normally only during the rainy season) it gives the illusion that this 17th century temple is ‘floating’ on the lake.
* Afterwards continue your drive to the cool mountain area of Munduk for check-in and overnight.
Meal included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Sanak Retreat (1-Bedroom Bungalow)

Day 6

Market Bazaar – Banjar Hot Spring – Brahma Vihara:
* Visit the traditional market in Seririt, which is a visual feast of local, wild-crafted seasonal produce and handicrafts.
* We will take you to meet some colorful suppliers and immerse you in the daily life of the village people.
* Following this will be a visit to the healing and therapeutic hot springs for a warming swim in the holy waters.
* If you love everything local, this is for you. Mid-week mornings are the best time to visit so as to ensure you have a serene experience.
* If you love to mix with the locals than go midday on a Sunday! It has a great vibrancy about it and the locals are at their most relaxed.
* Note, that every 6 months, the community has a cleansing ceremony and they give thanks to the Water-God ‘Visnu’.
* On your way back to the hotel make a final stop at the Buddhist temple Brama Vihara for a blessing and meditation time to calm and balance the senses for the evening ahead.
Meal included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Sanak Retreat (1-Bedroom Bungalow)

Day 7

Sanak Medetation – “Ibu Jero” Cooking Class – Melukat Water Blessing:
* After an early breakfast you will take part in a one-hour Sanak Meditation class. Sanak meditation is the movement of the body to improve blood circulation and to get peace mentally and physically.
* Afterwards Ibu Jero welcomes you in her house to cook up a feast of local delicacies.
* Learn about local produce, the perfect spice for curry and take home with you an array of cooking wisdom and recipes that have been handed down through the ages.
* This is the most authentic way to learn traditional Balinese cooking and to feel deeply rooted into village life.
* Sit down at the end and enjoy your meal ‘local style’.
* In the afternoon you will experience a traditional “Melukat” Water blessing ceremony, which amounts to a powerful purification and complete resetting of your energies.
* The intention is to clean (Melukat) and reconnect with your birth energies, the basic energy you were born with.
* All accumulated experiences and negative/confusing energies are erased, so that after the ritual you can experience who you really are in a more clear and pure way.
* The lessons you have learned through your life experiences remain, and are further integrated.
* People who have experienced this ceremony report that it works in a very deep, complete yet subtle way, and the effects continue to be felt for a long time after.
Meal included: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: Sanak Retreat (1-Bedroom Bungalow)

Day 8

Morning Yoga Class – Departure Transfer:
* Enjoying your 1-hour morning yoga session that would restore positive energy in your body, accompanied by very fresh mountain air.
* After breakfast it is time to say goodbye and we will arrange your transfer to Denpasar airport to catch your flight to the next destination.
* On arrival at the airport you will board your flight for your onward destination.
* Services end at the Airport.
* Thank you for choosing Azure Travel for your Indonesia/Bali experience. We thank you for your patronage & look forward to serving you again in the near future.
Meal included: Breakfast
Accommodation: None

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* Sightseeing tours as per itinerary
* Entrance fees, donations and parking fees as per itinerary
* English speaking guide assistance throughout the program
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Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter temple in Ubud with lily pond in foreground
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter yoga class in Ubud
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter Ulun Danu temple
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter temple in Bali
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter Taman Ayun Temple
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter seririt hot springs
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter Megibung dining experience
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter entrance to the Sukarno Museum
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter Canang Sari dialy offering
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter Brama Vihara buddist temple
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter temple in Ubud with lily pond in foreground
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter view of mountain with palm trees in the foreground
Indonesia Bali Spiritual encounter view of rice paddy