Israel Jerusalem Classic Tour

The Jerusalem classic guided tour is the ultimate package for those who are interested on focusing on the city of Jerusalem and its surrounds during their stay.
The tour includes five nights stay in Jerusalem. Furthermore you will go on three day visits in the old city including a day tour to Masada and the Dead Sea.

At a GlanceIsrael Jerusalem Classic tour view of mount masada
Day 1   Welcome to Israel. Transfer to Jerusalem hotel
Day 2  Jerusalem: Old and new city tour
Day 3  Jerusalem – In the footsteps of Jesus tour
Day 4  City Of David Underground Jerusalem Tour
Day 5  Full day Dead Sea & Masada tour
Day 6  Last day in Israel. Transfer to Airport

Tour does not operate during High Holidays in Israel

Jerusalem Old and New

The spiritual capital of roughly two-thirds of the world’s population, as well the capital city of the State of Israel, Jerusalem draws 3.5 million visitors every year to sites sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike.

Sites such as the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount, the Western Wall and Tomb of King David, the Mount of Olives, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Hall of the Last Supper are all waiting to be discovered by you.
Get lost searching for these attractions in the walled portion of Jerusalem known as the Old City—or navigate the labyrinth of medieval alleyways connecting the Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters. Each with its own set of sacred sites, residential districts, and bazaars.

Most  visitors to Jerusalem seek the sacred and spiritual within the bounds of the Old City. Whereas most of Jerusalem’s residents live in the New City, which has the amenities to serve them. Visit the Market to see the spices, teas, sweets, and foods that maintain Israel’s status as the land of milk and honey. Or complete the museum circuit of Yad Vasham Holocaust Remembrance Museum, and the Bible Lands Museum.

Tour highlights

  • Explore Jerusalem and surrounding with the most professional tour guides.
  • Five nights at a Standard hotel in Jerusalem including breakfast
  • Enjoy panoramic views from the Mount of Olives.
  • Visit the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea
  • Overlook Jerusalem’s new city and the Temple Mount.
  • Visit the holiest sites in the old city of Jerusalem.

With this tour you see Jerusalem in all its glory

Additional information

Hotel TypesStandard Hotel

Day 1

Welcome to Israel:
* Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport.
* From here you will be transported straight to your Jerusalem hotel by our professional team who will accompany you from the arrivals hall in the airport to your Jerusalem hotel.
* The rest of the day will be free for you to use in any way you wish.
* Overnight stay in Jerusalem

Day 2

Jerusalem Old and New:
* This one day tour starts with a view of Jerusalem as seen from atop Mount Olives; looking down at the Old City and the Temple Mount. The Mount of Olives is also one of the oldest Jewish burial sites; over three hundred years old.
* We then descend and make our way along the Kidron Valley; offering a view of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of All Nations; where according to sources Jesus and his followers prayed the night before his crucifixion.
* Along the Kidron Valley road we will get a view of the monumental burial tombs situated at the Mount’s feet.
* We then proceed into the Old City entering from Mount Zion; past the Armenian Quarter walking along the ancient Byzantine Cardo dating back to the Roman era; with our final stop being the Western Wall (the Kotel).
* Leading to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are the Stations of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) which we explore along the way to the church; the site of the crucifixion.
* Before leaving the Old City we’ll enjoy a brief strolls in the bazaars located in the Christian and Muslim Quarters.
* Finish the tour with a short walk into the New City and a visit to Yad Vashem; the Holocaust museum.
* Overnight stay in Jerusalem

Day 3

In the footsteps of Jesus:
* We’ll start our tour on the Mount Olives; visiting the site of the Ascension and the Church of Pater Noster; built by Constantine the Great; constructed on top of the site of a 4th century basilica to mark the Ascension of Jesus Christ.
* The church houses dozens and dozens of panels; each rendering the Lord’s Prayer in 123 different languages.
* After a mesmerizing overview of Old and New Jerusalem including the Temple Mount; we begin our descent; stopping by the Dominus Flevit Church where Jesus cried and mourned as he foresaw the destruction of Jerusalem.
* We continue to the Mount’s foot touring the Church of All Nations in the Garden of Gethsemane; the site of Jesus’s capture by the Romans.
* Before ascending to the Old City and entering through the Lion’s Gate; and take a look back at the Kidron Valley and the three thousand years old Jewish cemetery on Mount Olives; with the monumental burial sites located at its base.
* Enter the Old City through the Lion’s Gate; making way towards the Church of St. Anne; home to the Virgin Mary and then move on to the Pools of Bethesda depicted in the Gospel of St. John.
* Our final stop will be the Convent of the Sisters of Zion located at the end of the Via Dolorosa.
* Underneath the convent we’ll see evidence reflected in ancient stone pavements; engraved with markings used by the Roman soldiers for playing games.
* Overnight stay in Jerusalem

Day 4

City Of David Underground Jerusalem:
* We’ll start our tour with an overview of modern and Old Jerusalem city from the Mount Olives looking down at the Old City and the Temple Mount.
* As we drive along the Kidron Valley; we see the ancient Jewish cemetery dating back over 3;000 years; the monumental burial sites at its base and across the way; the Church of All Nations in the Garden of Gethsemane where it is said Jesus; and his followers prayed the night prior to Jesus’s crucifixion.
* Before entering the Old City through the Zion Gate; we visit the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion.
* In the upper floor of the structure; we would visit the hall traditionally proclaimed as the Hall of the Last Supper.
* Continue to the 16th century Sepharadi synagogues located in the Jewish quarter; walking along the Byzantine Cardo.
* In the Jewish Quarter; we explore the exciting excavated Second Temple Herodian mansions providing insight to the quality of life in ancient Jerusalem.
* While making our way out of the Jewish quarter; we will descend to the Western Wall; the Kotel; exiting the Old City through the Dung gate.
* We end our tour exploring the excavations of the 3;000 years-old City of David while gaining an acquaintance with its elaborate and sophisticated water system; which was constructed and continuously altered throughout the ages in accordance to military and population necessities.
* Overnight stay in Jerusalem

Day 5

Masada and the Dead Sea:
* Our tour begins by descending to the Judean Desert via the Inn of the Good Samaritan.
* Moving forward we arrive at Masada and then ascent by cable car to tour the remains of the Herodian Fortress; built by King Herod two thousand years ago.
* Touring the sites; we’ll revisit its history and heritage; relating to the up rise of the Jewish Zealots against their Roman overlords.
* Leave Massada and head towards The Dead Sea; one of the most toured sites in Israel by tourists and locals alike.
* On shore you could enjoy a mud bath bearing many therapeutic properties.
* Dipping in the sea itself is also highly recommended; experiencing the Dead Sea’s unique attributes; allowing for extreme ease of floating and effortless swimming.
* On our way back we’ll get a view of the Ein Gedi oasis; the Qumran caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and the ancient city of Jericho; the oldest city in existence with settlements dating back to 9000 BCE.
* Overnight stay in Jerusalem

Day 6

Last Day in Israel:
* Here it is; the last day has arrived. Services end with transfer to Ben Gurion Airport
* Thank you for choosing Azure Travel for your Israel experience. We thank you for your patronage & look forward to serving you again in the near future.

* Five nights’ accommodation on a Bed & Breakfast basis.
* Four day touring.
* Hotel pick-up and drop-off for each tour.
* Professional tour guide.
* Transport in air-conditioned vehicle/bus
* Transfers from / to the Airport.
* Entrance fees.

* Seasonal Supplements MAY apply
* Rates valid at time of quoting, and are subject to any exchange rate fluctuations and supplier rate changes

* Seasonal Supplements MAY apply
* Rates valid at time of quoting, and are subject to any exchange rate fluctuations and supplier rate changes

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Rates valid for travel between 01 January to 28 Feb 2018
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Israel view of the top of mount masada
Israel view of the top of mount masada
Israel view of the Zion Gate in Jerusalem
Israel looking down on the Kidron Valley
Israel view of the Lords Prayer at the Church of Pater Noster
Israel view of the Kidron Valley
Israel Jerusalem western wall at sunset