Turkey: Airline implements new laptop rule

Turkey turkish airlines airplane taking off

Turkey: Turkish Airlines has announced that passengers will be able to use their laptops until they board in a bid to make them more comfortable after US and Britain introduced bans on large electronic devices in the cabin of flights from certain airports, reports News24.

Laptops, tablets and other electronic devices may be used until the boarding gate where they will be handed over to the airline’s staff.

The USA issued a ban on electronic devices larger than mobile phones on direct flights to the country from 10 airports in seven Middle Eastern countries and Turkey, only allowing them to be in held luggage.

The UK followed with a similar ban from five countries from the Middle East and northern Africa as well as Turkey.

Turkish Airlines said the devices given would then be tagged at the gate for “safe and secure transportation”, placed in a special area in the cargo hold of the aircraft and returned to their owners upon arrival at the destination.

The airline said passengers would still be able to use the internet on board with their mobile phones.